Things I Made

Sometimes I make things that I think are spiffy. Feel free to use or modify with attribution.

Physics Lab Template A graphic organizer for student-designed labs

Modeling Cycle Phase Posters Each day, I hang up the poster that best fits what students will be doing that day to normalize feelings like confusion on certain days

Group Role Cards I have students keep these cards in front of them while using group roles; these roles were influenced by the group roles from the University of Minnesota PER group

Random Group Generator Made by my colleague, Scott Lotze New random numbers are generated on any edit, so simply sorting that column will generate new groups

Question Stems for Problem Discussions I project these stems during whiteboarding sessions to help students frame productive questions

AP Physics 1 Free Response by Problem Type & Topic This document lists all of the free response problems released from previous AP Physics 1 exams

AP Physics 1 Pictorial Index This document has all of the released free response with key diagrams from each problem for easy reference

AP Physics C: Mechanics Free Response by Topic  This document lists all of the free response problems released from previous AP Physics 1 exams

Technology Student User Guides

I hate giving directions on using technology, especially because they always need to be repeated. Instead, I make user guides with animated GIFs for students to reference.

Desmos User Guide Shows steps for graphing and data analysis

LabQuest User Guide  Includes how to analyze graphs on a LabQuest 2 and how to setup several different probes

Logger Pro Video Analysis Guide Includes sections on viewing and analyzing graphs that work with other data sources, such as probeware and manually entered data.

Pivot Interactives User Guide How to collect and analyze data, as well as how to upload your own videos in Pivot Interactives


Pinhole Ray Diagrams: Interactive to see how changing various properties affects the ray diagram for a pinhole viewer.

Transverse Wave Particle Motion: Interactive to compare particles on two different waves and see how changing wave properties affects the particle motion.

Wave Superposition: Interactive to see the superposition of two waves traveling in opposite directions with ability to adjust amplitude and wavelength.

Bouncy Ball Height vs. Time Graph: Annotated vertical position vs. time graph for a bouncy ball with lots of adjustable values

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