Where Does the Energy Go?: Using Evidence-Based Reasoning to Connect Energy and Motion

This post appears as an article in the January 2018 issue of The Science Teacher.

Stoeckel, M. (2018). Where does the energy go?: Using evidence-based reasoning to connect energy and motion. The Science Teacher, 85(1), 19-25.

PDF download

  1. Day 91: Coulomb’s Law, Bouncy Balls, & Bohr Model | stoeckel180
  2. Day 92: Board Meeting, Dissipated Energy, & Mistakes Game | stoeckel180
  3. Day 93: Coulomb’s Law, Dissipated Energy, & Compounds | stoeckel180
  4. Day 94: Whiteboarding, Bouncy Ball Energy, & Classifying Matter | stoeckel180
  5. Day 76: Bouncy Balls, Bar Charts, & Quantitative Gas Laws | stoeckel180
  6. Day 78: Bouncy Balls, Kinetic Energy, & Board Meetings | stoeckel180
  7. Day 82: Projectile Motion Maps, Bouncy Ball Energy, & Density Refresher | stoeckel180
  8. Day 84: Projectile Calcs, Bouncy Ball Diagrams, & Pivot Interactives Phase Changes | stoeckel180
  9. Day 85: Whiteboarding, Video Analysis, & Board Meeting | stoeckel180
  10. Day 86: Projectile Practical, Bouncy Ball CER, & Lauric Acid Phase Change | stoeckel180
  11. Days 80-84: Impulse & Bouncy Balls | stoeckel180
  12. Days 133-137: Bouncy Balls & Torque | stoeckel180

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